Friday, October 7, 2011

Tied with a Bow-Kimberly Frost, Eileen Wilks, Virginia Kantra, Lora Leigh

Tied with a Bow

Kimberly Frost, Eileen Wilks, Virginia Kantra, Lora Leigh

Berkley, Nov 1 2011, $15.00

ISBN: 9780425243299

“Upon A Midnight Clear” by Virginia Kantra. In 1792 Paris at the Conciergeri Prison, the angel comes in answer to Solange’s dying prayer. He promises to take her thirteen year old daughter Aimee to family in England though the teen is unaware he visits her mother. He keeps an eye on her over the next few years and though an angel knows he would risk heaven to keep her safe.

“First Light” by Kimberly Frost. Since she found a ring years ago that vanished a few days later, Kate Devane has suffered from violent nightmares in which two beings battle one another and she is often injured. However, one of the stars of her nocturnal nightmares Nathaniel arrives in the real world suffering from amnesia and she believes his lethal odious adversary will follow.

“Human Error” by Eileen Wilks. Benedict the Lupi reluctantly accompanies his beloved Chosen Arjene to spend time with her Delacroix family over the Yule holidays. However, upon arrival starting with his being forced into an unwanted Change, the soulmates realize something evil is coming.

“An Inconvenient Mate” by Lora Leigh. Coyote Breed Malachi attends the Navaho Nation Council where he meets his mate Isobel, but the Council has plans for her.

These are four entertaining romantic fantasies filled with strong lead characters in suspenseful scenarios as each contributor brings their own worldly uniqueness to the mix. Fans of Ms. Leigh’s Breed Mates Ms. Wilks’ Lupi tales will especially want to read their latest series entries.

Harriet Klausner

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