Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Along A Wooded Path-Tricia Goyer

Along A Wooded Path

Tricia Goyer

B&H Books, Oct 1 2011, $14.99

ISBN: 9781433668692

After her older brother chose the Englisher world over his Amish roots, eighteen years old Marianna Sommer’s father decides to move the rest of the family from Indiana to Montana. Marianna had a choice, but with her mom pregnant, she left behind her beau Aaron Zook to travel with her family to Big Sky country (see Beside Still Waters).

While Aaron writes letters to her he never sends he tries courting Naomi. Marianna and her family find the mountainous environs forces them to be more involved with their Englisch neighbors than they did back in Indiana. She even works with Annie an Englischer friend at the store where both groups intermingle. She also has begun to fall in love with Ben the Englischer who is more attuned to God than her Amish family, but unacceptable by her father who has lost one offspring to the outside world.

The second Big Sky Amish tale is a fascinating novel that asks philosophical religious questions as to whether the Lord delineates in lifestyles between groups who adhere with their hearts and souls in God’s words. The support cast is solid but this is Marianna’s tale as she is caught between the Amish desires of her parents who prefer Aaron or any Amish for their daughter and her feelings for an Englisher that clearly has God first in his heart and soul. Although Ben's feelings for God complicate the difficulty of Marianna’s family rejecting him, it also simplifies her potential for accepting him. Regardless readers will enjoy Tricia Goyer’s thought provoking tale of whether walking with God is enough to cross man-made cultural biases.

Harriet Klausner

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