Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A Simple Winter-Rosalind Lauer

A Simple Winter

Rosalind Lauer

Ballantine, Oct 18 2011, $15.00

ISBN: 9780345526717

Wannabe journalist Remy McCallister and Adam King meet on a train heading to Philly as both head home. She goes from New York to Philadelphia where her widower father Herb the control freak will manage her life 24/7 and him from Providence to his family in Lancaster County where his parents died leaving him in charge of his horde of younger siblings. The Amish Adam and the Englischer Remy are attracted to one another, but he vowed never again and she has seizure issues that drove her to a job on her dad’s paper The Post. They remain friends though they go their separate ways.

One year later, Remy visits Adam, but conceals her agenda from him. She has come to Lancaster County to write an article on the cold case double homicide of his parents. He and his family welcome her into the fold as part of a loving family; feelings that have been dormant in Remy since her mom died when she was a girl. As Remy and Adam fall in love, her undercover manipulation will end her relationship with him and his family once she admits to him the truth.

This is a warm leisurely paced romantic cozy starring a likable lead couple and key family members in support of the entertaining story line. Remy and Adam have inner issues that threaten their already tenuous relationship, but snowbound by A Simple Winter in Pennsylvania gives the pair time to work through their problems except for her motive in coming to see him as a deal-breaker. Readers will enjoy this gentle Plain people contemporary.

Harriet Klausner

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