Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Come A Little Closer-Dorothy Garlock

Come A Little Closer

Dorothy Garlock

Grand Central, Nov 23 2011, $16.50

ISBN: 9780446540155

In 1946 Twentyish Christina Tucker accepts a nursing position working for Dr. Samuel Barlow, the sole physician in Longstock, Wisconsin for the last three decades. Her prime patient is Dr. Barlow’s nephew battle fatigue veteran Holden Sutter.

Holden’s brother Tyler, who served in the Pacific Theater is filled with rage yet also shows his concern for his sibling. Christina cares for both brothers, but it is Tyler who she wants. However, neither she nor Tyler will risk hurting the emotionally scarred Holden. However, as the nurse and the two brothers work out their relationships, resident Morris Doyle blames Barlow for the death of his brother Jimmy and plans to enact vengeance against the loved ones of the revered doctor.

This delightful post WWII thriller stars a strong small town cast struggling to move passed the war. The tenuous relationships between Tyler, Holden and Christina make the tale fun to read while Dorothy Garlock paints a vivid the backdrop of 1946 Wisconsin. Although the Doyle subplot adds suspense, it detracts from the otherwise terrific Tucker tale (see Stay A Little Longer and Keep Little Secret).

Harriet Klausner

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