Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Welcome Home Garden Club-Lori Wilde

The Welcome Home Garden Club
Lori Wilde
Avon, Mar 29 2011, $7.99
ISBN: 9780061988431

In Twilight, Texas, single mom Caitlyn Marsh disliked affluent J. Foster Goodnight who never recognized her high school sweetheart Gideon Garza as his. Eight years ago Garza was murdered and she was left pregnant and estranged from her father. Thus, she is stunned when Gideon, who left town late at night without a goodbye to join the Green Beret, arrives in town for Goodnight’s funeral.

Caitlyn is hired to create a special garden to honor Goodnight; meanwhile Gideon has come back home, seeking closure with the dying man who was his biological father but never recognized him as such. That is until Goodnight was near death and left his ranch to Gideon. Still suffering from post traumatic stress disorder, Gideon takes one look at Caitlyn’s son Danny and knows he must be his offspring; as the kid looks just like he did when he was Danny’s age. Now he must persuade his beloved to give him a second chance as he loves Caitlyn and unlike his late dad wants to be a father to their child.

The latest Twilight contemporary romance (see The First Love Cookie Club) is an engaging second chance tale with a strong support cast (the Garden club and family members) and a solid lead couple who have become stronger out of necessity since their teen days. The story line focuses on second chance relationships between the protagonists and their fathers (Goodnight’s from the grave), and one first chance between a dad and his son. Readers who enjoy a warm family drama will appreciate the welcome to Twilight from the garden club.

Harriet Klausner

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