Sunday, March 27, 2011

Unforgettable-Trish Perry

Trish Perry
Multnomah, Mar 1 2011, $12.99
ISBN: 9781609361129

In 1951 outside her Arlington, Virginia dance studio Rachel Stanhope mutters in frustration while pacing back and forth on the sidewalk as her employee Betty fails to arrive with the keys to open up before the junior high school class begins. Moms dump the kids on her and one male arrives with two children. Former WWII pilot reporter Josh Reegan drops off his sister’s children, but not before he insults Rachel about that artsy thing. She detests his sarcastic arrogance and pessimism.

Josh believes ballroom dancing is an inane activity only for the rich and stupid. Still he finds her upbeat nurturing attitude totally opposite the cynics he normally meets due to his profession. In fact he is a cynic when it comes to humanity after his combat and his journalist experiences. He is here because his editor assigned him to do an article on her studio's competition in New York City. However, while the ballroom dance contest occurs, he investigates government corruption at the same time they continue their tango of love; as each finds the other Unforgettable.

This is a terrific inspirational historical romance that brings to life 1951 with intriguing little tidbits like pregnant Betty having to give up dancing because the prevalent medical belief of the era is that women carrying needed rest. The enjoyable story line is character driven as the support cast especially their respective extended families, the students and several other key players are fully developed. However, the tale belongs to the dance instructor who sees God’s world as a half filled cup needing to be topped and the reporter who sees a half empty cup needing to be drank as they foxtrot to When I Fall In Love.

Harriet Klausner

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