Monday, March 7, 2011

Naughty Bits 3

Naughty Bits 3
Megan Hart, Kate Austin, Jennifer Dale, Amanda McIntyre, Letty James, Eva Cassel, Alison Richardson, Adelaide Cole, Grace D'Otare
Spice, Feb 15 2011, $14.95
ISBN: 9780373605538

“The Countess’s Client” by Alison Richardson. As the daughter of a Prussian general, she lives a virtuous but boring life until the Comtesse d’Esslin considers going public.

“Devoured” by Letty James. Marco the chef proposes an all night tryst with Christine in exchange for a $5-million house; she wants the sex with the hunk over the home.

“Dreamer” by Kate Austin. She dreams of him every night, but wakes up without an orgasm Miri becomes a sex addict looking for the perfect lay, but she does not know Jack when she will come.

“The Pirate’s Tale” by Grace D’Otare. Gertrude of the convent and the sea captain are to marry over her objection. She changes her mind when she enters a room filled with erotic secrets.

“Acting the Part” by Eva Cassel. Filming in France, Lydia worries about the final shoot requiring her to orgasm with Mikhail, but she wonders if she has to act the part after a taste of his Method technique.

“Her Lord and Master” by Jennifer Dale. Molly hopes to impress her new master, but she finds she must choose between her lord and a commoner.

“Mirror, Mirror” by Amanda McIntyre. Quadriplegic Paul pays men to have sex with his wife Charlie as long as he watches. The latest hired gun Cade has a different plan in mind.

“Reason Enough” by Megan Hart. Elle and Dan enjoy a heated marriage until he brings up the taboo subject of a baby.

“The Flower Arrangement” by Adelaide Cole. In 1903 the teen joined the Riggs household thanks to a friend. However, Emma meets Master Riggs, which begins her education.

These are nine well written erotic short story romances with neat twists.

Harriet Klausner

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