Saturday, March 5, 2011

I Spy a Dark Obsession-Jo Davis

I Spy a Dark Obsession
Jo Davis
NAL, Mar 1 2011, $14.00
ISBN: 9780451232229

Former Homeland Security Department field agent Robert Dietz shot his Secret Homeland Defense Organization (SHADO) leader Michael Ross several times before leaving him for dead. However, Michael survived thanks in part to his subordinate operative Bastian Chevalier, who confessed he loves him. However, Bastian knows he erred with revealing his feelings to his boss who turned to Maggie instead and drove a wedge between them. Psychopath Dietz has brought the pair back together as they plan to hunt him down once Ross heals.

Although not totally recovered, Michael and Bastian begin developing their counter strategy starting with adding techie Katrina Brandt to the mission. As the trio works on capturing a deadly sly lunatic, their lust for each other turns overt as Michael no longer conceals his desires for Bastian; mostly due to Katrina’s open mind and libido. However, the hunted soon hunts the hunter threesome forcing each of the triad to look deeply at their respective heart.

Inane title aside, I Spy a Dark Obsession is a serious drama that brings a very insightful MM relationship subplot to the forefront; perhaps only Suanne Brockmann’s FBI Agent Jules Cassidy is as deep. In addition to the MM, the F joins the duet making for a loving ménage a trois while also distracting the lead trio from the mission of taking down Dietz. Although the female feels more of a forced necessity to soften an MM love story (rather than an intriguing revival for Michael’s affection), readers will appreciate Chevalier’s lament and Ross’ denial until Brandt’s desires brings both males out into the open sexually. However, it takes Dietz’s deadly move to force each to realize how they feel. Bravely Jo Davis has a refreshing winner.

Harriet Klausner

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