Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Tea Leaves And Tarot Cards-Jacqueline Seward

Tea Leaves And Tarot Cards
Jacqueline Seward
Five Star, Aug 18 2010, $25.95
ISBN: 9781594149146

In 1816 London, the Ton adores Maeve the half gypsy fortune teller. At a gala all eyes are on Lady Caroline whose brother James the Earl is her guardian since their parents died. James plans to marry off his sister to the wealthy widower the Duke of Rundford though he is old enough to be her grandfather. Maeve and Caroline meet Rundford and his cousin Marquess Adam deViller, but James informs his sister she will no longer be friends with the gypsy.

Adam and Maeve are attracted to one another and each uses these feelings to their advantage enabling Caroline to come with them. When Caroline meets Maeve’s unkempt friend Charles LeBrun, she falls in love. However, he rejects her as she can do much better though he loves her too. As Adam plots to make Maeve his mistress, she hopes to somehow keep Caroline safe from the Duke, the Earl and her best friend while praying her heart is not broken in the process.

This is a delightful lighthearted regency frolic starring a strong ensemble cast though the lead players are Maeve and Adam. Filled with a taste of the era enhanced by a slight mystery, sub-genre fans will relish Tea Leaves And tarot Cards as contemporary psychic Kim Reynolds (star of the author’s The Drowning Pool and The Inferno Collection) would know the future looks bright for Jacqueline Seward in the past.
Harriet Klausner

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