Sunday, July 18, 2010

A Highland Duchess-Karen Ranney

A Highland Duchess
Karen Ranney
Avon, Jul 27 2010, $7.99
ISBN: 9780061771842

In 1864, a nervous Lady Emma arrives at Chavensworth to meet with her husband Anthony, the Duke of Herridge. She loathes and fears her cruel spouse and wishes him in hell like he has done to her. However, she is taken aback to learn her husband is dead. Known as the Ice Queen amongst the Ton, Emma wants to be a free widow, but her Uncle Peter Harding demand she marry again even before the acceptable mourning periods ends as he covets the money she would bring to him.

Laird Ian McNair breaks into Emma’s boudoir demanding she return the Tulloch Sgathan that he insists belongs to the Scots, but she has no idea what the thief alludes to with this alleged mirror. When her uncle comes to lecture her, Ian knocks him out and abducts Emma. Ian is stunned by the passion he sees hidden beneath the veneer of the Widower. However though he wants to make her ignite, he knows she is betrothed to his cousin, Bryce. When Bryce suddenly dies, the Ton believed the cold haughty Emma is a black widow spider as many believe she poisoned him. Ian vows to prove her the victim of ruthless males including the real killer of his cousin.

A Highland Duchess is a superb Victorian romantic suspense starring a strong hero and a beleaguered woman. The amateur sleuth whodunit enhances an exciting romance as Ian begins melting the ice protecting his beloved’s heart, but she trusts no man as all males, who should have protected her, since her dad died have been demandingly ruthless.

Harriet Klausner

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