Saturday, July 17, 2010

Operation Prince Charming-Phyllis Bourne

Operation Prince Charming
Phyllis Bourne
Love Spell, Aug 1 2010, $6.99
ISBN: 9780843963908

Her TV career ended with her marriage though she has hopes to resuscitate the former while letting the latter remain dead. Still while waiting for a fresh opportunity, Ali Spencer return to Nashville to help her aunt save the family owned Spencer School of Etiquette.

Wealthy Erica wants to make it into the highest social circles. However, she believes she needs a social makeover of her boyfriend Detective Hunter Coleman if she is to achieve her goal. He is tired of Erica’s inane ranting that he holds her back from climbing the ladder. Thus Hunter enrolls in the Spencer School’s class “Manners Makeover” that has Titans as alumni. When Ali the teacher and Hunter the student meet, she thinks he is fine the way he is. Hunter wants to be the teacher’s pet while Ali knows she must remain professionally aloof from her favorite pupil. As Erica hunts for a better social prospect, Ali and Hunter fall in love.

This is a warm Tennessee waltz starring two likable lead characters who agree that Hunter should follow his basic instincts of his heart. The story line is character driven by the lead couple, but enhanced by support players like her aunt and Erica. Fans who enjoy a low keyed realistic contemporary will want to read Operation Prince Charming.

Harriet Klausner

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