Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Dark Warrior Untamed-Alexis Morgan

Dark Warrior Untamed
Alexis Morgan
Pocket, Jul 27 2010,
ISBN: 9781439175927

Talion Greyhill Danby leaves London for Puget Sound to begin his new position to protect the Kyth’s Grand Dame Kery Thorsen. When he arrives at his new office he is a bit surprised and unwelcoming to find a beautiful woman sitting inside. Assistant to the Grand Dame Piper Ryan is not shocked by his reaction to her though they share the office albeit his is on a temporary basis.

However, the ancient warrior and the administrator are at war with one another. That is until the emails begin to appear on Piper’s computer which concerns both of them. When the bombing terrorist acts occur, Greyhill goes into full protective mode from an unknown adversary. Though attracted to his temporary office roommate, Greyhill adheres to his vow of protecting the Grand Dame.

The third Dark Warrior Talion political urban fantasy (see Dark Warrior Unleashed and Dark Warrior Unbroken) is a terrific tale of two distrusting individuals desiring one another with out of control hormones yet neither seems willing to take the first step. That distrust is a prime key to this strong entry as danger mounts so does their suspicion of one another as neither grasps the diabolical brilliant revenge ruse of an unknown adversary. The world Morgan continues to create feels genuine especially because of the dirty politics at play. Although the romantic subplot takes a necessary support role to the suspenseful mystery, readers will enjoy this taut Talion thriller.

Harriet Klausner

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