Sunday, June 21, 2009

A Stroke of Magic-Tracy Madison

A Stroke of Magic
Tracy Madison
Love Spell, Jul 2009, $6.99
ISBN: 9780505528117

In Chicago, Enchanted Expressions graphic designer Alice Raymond has a slight problem. It is not being single and pregnant as she kicked her cheating ex to the curb. It is not the fact that her hormones are geometrically out of control due partly to the fetus inside her and to a degree due to her crush on her boss, Ethan Gallagher. Finally it is not the fact that she can see her late great-grandmother and have her wishes come true. Her dilemma is the Gypsy's curse that proclaims for her now unborn daughter to live a happy life; Alice must find her soul mate before the infant is born.

Her libido insists it is Gallagher, but Alice no longer trusts that part of her body. Ethan was engaged to his forever significant other who ended their relationship after a fortuneteller told her he was not her numero uno. He vowed never again will he allow a “paranormal” con artist to intrude in his life. However, now he believes he has found his significant other in Alice, but she rants like she visited “Wonderland” about dead relatives and gypsy curses. Though he fears she is a certifiable fruitcake, he loves Alice, but even he is unsure whether he can stand by her when she keeps sprouting about her unborn being cursed.

Fans will enjoy this delightful paranormal romance filled with two wonderful lead characters and a strong support cast. Alice is a believer but Ethan is a doubter, which makes for a fun relationship for readers but not for them. Anyone who enjoys A TASTE OF MAGIC will appreciate this lighthearted frolic as once again, Tracy Madison provides a charming whimsical urban fantasy.

Harriet Klausner

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