Monday, June 22, 2009

Skin Deep-Anna J. Evans

Skin Deep
Anna J. Evans
Kensington Aphrodisia, Jul 2009, $15.00
ISBN: 9780451226976

In Pasadena, Nicky serves drinks at the Hard Way who was also a model for the Good and Trashy Lingerie Website. Tattoo artist Jack has not seen Nicky in person, though he frequents the net for her pictures, since they were foster teens in a house of horror. He has sent her letters from Vegas, but she never replies. Eight years and he still wants her and this time he plans to do something about his desire for her. He goes to the bar and abducts her; taking her into the San “Bernfuckadino” Mountains.

Jack demands she summits to his dominance. Although she wants to as she always desired her Jack, she is divorcing a brutal abusive dominator so fears another such relationship. If she fails to acquiesce, Jack plans to remove the fallen angel tattoo they share. She wants to say yes, but is scared. As he keeps the seductive pressure up, she succumbs and comes around to thinking spankings and babies are an okay mix if you trust and love your dominant to listen when you say enough and to be kind like Jack is.

This is a super BDSM romance with a whimsical angelic inky connection that enhances the story line. That tattoo ties Jack with Nicky, but he fears not Nicky with Jack. Fans will appreciate his efforts to show the woman he cherishes that a submissive can appreciate spankings from a dominant who loves her and knows how to care for her; while she learns there is those who psychotically abuse and those who lovingly spank. Anna J. Evans’ lead characters make this a deep drama.

Harriet Klausner

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