Sunday, June 21, 2009

I Shot You Babe-Leslie Langtry

I Shot You Babe
Leslie Langtry
Making It (Dorchester), Jul 2009, $6.99
ISBN: 9780843962918

He is considered the family odd duck as Coney "Cy" Bombay has a PhD in philosophy and enjoys working on the carney circuit as a mechanic as he has for the last dozen years while his traveling companion is Sartre, a guinea pig. Post-grad student Veronica Gale interviews Cy in Wisconsin, but she walks away angrily when he glibly makes commentary on their similar background as he like her was a two decade plus student, but he moved on with dreams of Henry Kissinger impersonations. Perhaps his proclamation that his ambitious cousin’s goal is driving an ice cream truck drove her off.

His family assigns Cy an assassination in Mongolia. While waiting there for the right moment, Cy enjoys the Mongolian Naadam Festival when he is stunned with the arrival of Veronica. As he wrestles with Ronnie, he wonders how to combine a murder with romance as his desire for her is killing him especially when she asks him to help her find out who the Anderson killer is.

The final Bombay assassination romantic suspense thriller is a fabulous finish due to irreverent Cy, his “son” Sartre, the locale, and the rest of the family. Veronica (don’t call her Ronnie) seems more of a straight woman to the comedic lead male as he is Grouch Marx to her Bud Abbott (forgive the mixing of comedians). Fans will enjoy the capers of cousin Cy as the curtain comes down on the wonderful Bombay brood, who prove the Republicans are right as a family that kills together stays together.

Harriet Klausner

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