Monday, August 11, 2008

Your Magic or Mine?-Ann Macella

Your Magic or Mine?
Ann Macella
Medallion, Oct 2008, $7.95
ISBN: 9781933836324

Marcus Forscher and Gloriana Morgan are on opposite spectrums of the magic theory. Whereas the male mathematician believes magic can be quantified into equations; the female botanist believes it is more of an art form than a precise branch of math. He insists his formulas are the modern way to perform magic while she believes the old methods are best.

As they debate which is the safest way to cast a spell, neither considered the ancient soulmate phenomena compulsion. This pair is stunned to find they are soulmates as they detest one another. However, each is horrified when their supporters turn violent with one irate practitioner blaming these soulmates for causing magical chaos and plans to rectify the problem by eliminating both of them.

The third magical Macela romantic fantasy (see THE OLDEST KIND OF MAGIC and DO YOU BELIEVE IN MAGIC?) is a terrific tale of two total opposites arguing over theory, teaming up to prevent a killer from murdering them, and falling in love. The story line is fast-paced even when Marcus presents mathematical equations in support of his magic premise. Their argument somewhat parallels faith in intelligent design and scientific evidence supporting natural selection (Darwinism). Fans will relish this fine entry that in many ways goes to the dogs; hers is Delilah and his is Samson.

Harriet Klausner

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