Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Highlander-Heather Grothaus

The Highlander
Heather Grothaus
Zebra, Sep 2008, $5.99
ISBN: 9781420102420

In 1077 Englishwoman Evelyn Godewin, knowing she needs to start life over, agrees to escort elderly Minerva Buchanan who wants to go home to the Highlands to die. However, instead of stopping on Buchanan land, Minevera takes them to the estates of the MacKerrick, specifically Ronan who she whispers she is coming to him just before she dies. Eve has no time to grief or to ponder what next as savage wolves attack her while she is in a forest. To her shock a wolf she names Alinor saves her life and escorts her to a haven; a nearby cottage.

Highland chieftain Conall MacKerrick grieves the deaths of his wife and child; he beleievs his family curse killed them so he runs away from his clan to hide in his forest cottage. He is shocked to find an occupant and demands she leave immediately. Desperate to stay, Eve lies to him claiming she is Clan Buchanan; considered the key element in breaking the MacKerrick curse. As they fall in love, Eve knows she must tell him the truth that she is not the right blood to end the curse.

THE HIGHLANDER is a terrific eleventh century historical romance starring two seemingly opposites with a lot more in common than they realize at first look falling in love. The Evelyn is a dedicated person whose courage and strength fascinate Conall (and readers). However, he is the more interesting protagonist as he struggles with a curse that haunts him and his clan even as he wonders if she is the destined one to save them. Heather Grothaus provides a wonderfully exciting uplifting tale of love.

Harriet Klausner

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