Monday, August 18, 2008

Obsession-Kayla Perrin

Kayla Perrin
Harlequin Spice, Sep 2008, $13.95
ISBN: 037360520X

In the Kissimmee area, teacher Sophie Gibson had thought her marriage was perfect. Thus she is stunned when her spouse Andrew rejects sex with her and soon he confesses he had an affair while she was away with her best friend Marnie. Sophie throws Andrew out and she goes through the phases of grief. First she is in denial; then in shock; and finally she considers having an affair though she has no candidates and besides a lover seems seedy and unsatisfactory.

She begins to reconsider taking on a lover when Sophie meets brooding filmmaker Pietro call me Peter at the Blue’s Club. Peter is blatant as to his attraction for Sophie and persuades her to share his bed. The sex is the best of her life not that she has had many mates to boast about. Peter fulfills her wildest fantasies. However, he is also demanding of her time and frighteningly morose and temperamental. Scared he might hurt her as she rejects some of his demands, Sophie ends their relationship, but Peter refuses to accept her finale insistence it is over between them.

This is a terrific contemporary erotic character study starring a wonderful lead character struggling with betrayal and OBSESSION. The story line is driven by Sophie whose anger leads to her seeking solace elsewhere even though readers will not agree with her actions. Although the climax seems over the top with too easy of a resolution, fans will enjoy Sophie’s groove taking her deeper into trouble.

Harriet Klausner

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