Thursday, August 28, 2008

Lucinda’s Web-Dorothy Morrison

Lucinda’s Web
Dorothy Morrison
WillowTree, Oct 2008, $16.95
ISBN: 0979453321

When High Priestess Tess Logan moves into a house near a cemetery she experiences visitors; she later learns in a former life as Lucinda she was wife to Jonah. They lived on a plantation which would be passed down to Lucinda’s daughter by her first husband.. Her first husband Emmer took slave Belle though Lucinda’s second husband Jonah would marry her and in a jealous rage she creates a trick spell that is not completed. Another slave Mattie conjures up a trick that binds Lucinda and Jonah together for eternity.

In the present Luke and Tess fall in love, but she refuses to give in to her feelings until the trick is broken. Only then will she know whether she truly loves Luke or is tricked into believing she loves him. Tess’ best friend Chloe, an apprentice witch, tries to break the spell with the help of a ghostly assistant; at the same time the spirit of Belle possesses Luke’s sister Liza. She kidnaps Tess with plans to kill her as Luke belongs to her. Luke and Chloe’s police officer husband search for Tess while a ghost, who cares for Lucinda, watches over Tess while hoping to free her from Liza’s grip.

Though the cast can be a bit confusing in terms of who’s who past and present, fans will enjoy this entertaining reincarnation ghost tale wondering whether Tess will be freed of the curse and if yes will love turn bitter or remain sweet. Mindful of the Branagh-Thompson film Dead Again, the premise of a love triangle in a reincarnation scenario is cleverly executed by Dorothy Morrison as the audience will not know how LUCINDA’S WEB will play out.

Harriet Klausner

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