Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Trick My Truck but Don’t Mess with My Heart- LuAnn McLane

Trick My Truck but Don’t Mess with My Heart
LuAnn McLane
Signet, Jan 2008, $6.99
ISBN: 9780451222862

Candie Montgomery enjoyed her life in Chicago, but after two years there, she has come home to Pinewood, Kentucky to help save her family owned business, Dapper Dan Used Car Emporium. However, instead of a warm welcoming, she is treated like a pariah. People she has known since she was a child spurn her greetings; 876 accusers including family members. Candie is stunned to learn that everyone, even her twin sister blames her for her sibling’s broken heart although she cannot understand how she can be held culpable for hot shot auto repair shop owner Nick ending it with Sarah.

She learns that everyone believes she is the other woman, who left town because her feelings for Nick drove her to Chicago. Candie informs her sister that when Sarah started to date her best friend Nick, she knew her twin and her buddy were meant for one another. Fearing for her family’s business as sales has plummeted, she decides she must find a way to get Sarah’s engagement unbroken, but not sure how as she is the athletic book worm not the glamour queen like her sibling is. Gorgeous Tommy Tucker offers her a perfect solution as he says he will pretend to be her boyfriend so that no one can accept her as Nick’s woman. Reluctantly she agrees. As she falls in love, she waits for Tommy to mess up her heart when he says no more pretending.

TRICK MY TRUCK BUT DON’T MESS WITH MY HEART is an amusing lighthearted small town romance in which the relationship between the twins is the star attraction over the two romances. The story line is fast-paced as the siblings land in one mess after another while Tommy tries to convince Candie that he is sweet on her and Sarah shows genius for the first time with her “Tricked out truck” ploy to re-nab Nick. Fans will enjoy the Montgomery sisters’ antics in their old Kentucky home.

Harriet Klausner

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