Friday, November 16, 2007

No Girl Needs a Husband Seven Days a Week-Nina Foxx

No Girl Needs a Husband Seven Days a Week
Nina Foxx
Avon, Dec 2007, $13.95
ISBN: 9780061335273

Although their outlooks on life especially relationships with men are radically different, Marie, Mai and Kennedy remain close friends. The trio agrees a husband can be a good companion, but not half as good as each other. They also agree that a spouse can be good at home repairs, but you can always hire someone to do it right the first time. Finally a husband can be a good lover (hopefully that is), but so can a boyfriend and you do not need either seven days a week trysting.

However they each have specific differing requirements for what they expect of a mate. Marie prefers a househusband to clean the house, make the meals, and take care of their children while she brings in the money. Mai prefers being a trophy wife of an affluent corporate executive. Kennedy the executive believes no husband makes the best spouse; her itch will be handled by her hunk of the moment. That is fine but what will the prospective husband have to say to each of these females.

This African American chick lit tale is a delightful look at relationships from the perspective of the three fully developed protagonists. The story line combines humor especially the discussions between the ladies re the life in the men in their lives; yet also provides a deep look at modern issues that cripple marriages like cheating and taking for granted you partner. Nina Foxx writes a profound contemporary tale that makes the case a girl needs a caring, faithful and dependable mate 24/7 or either get a dog or not at all.

Harriet Klausner

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