Friday, November 23, 2007

Tempted-Megan Hart

Megan Hart
Harlequin Spice, Feb 2008, $13.95
ISBN: 9780373605194

In Sandusky six years into what outsiders believe is the perfect marriage without knowing that Anne and James Kinney still share great sex; the only negative is his mother demanding an infant for the rest of the gang to play with. Now James’ best friend from his junior high school days Alex Kennedy is coming back to the states after spending time in Singapore and elsewhere. Without a second “f”ing” thought to his wife, James invites Alex to spend the summer with them.

Anne has never met the infamous affluent Alex, but she expects not to like the world traveler. Instead to her shock and chagrin, she is attracted to her spouse’s buddy and him to her. Adding to her confusion is that James seems to encourage them. Soon an acceptable triangle forms with the thought in the back of the heads of the threesome being that Alex would soon move on to his next venture so let’s live for today. However, Anne finds herself further mixed up when she realizes she loves both her sex buddies.

The three lovers come across as genuine especially when the two males use DIRTY language with every other word spoken between them and more so with the bewildered heroine. She knows that her entire universe for moments is the hardened penis of her respective sex partner until the supernova orgasm occurs. Erotica romance fans will appreciate this complex tale as Anne is more than TEMPTED by Alex while her marriage to James is not yet BROKEN, but no longer perfect.

Harriet Klausner

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