Saturday, November 24, 2007

Full Exposure-Diana Duncan

Full Exposure
Diana Duncan
Harlequin Mediterranean Nights, Jan 2008
ISBN: 9780373389674

After seven years working at the Pennsylvania University library, Ariana Bennett is placed on administrative furlough due to budget cuts; she knows better that her father’s fall from disgrace cost her job. As the FBI uses the Patriot Act to take everything including stories she wrote as a teen, Ariana vows to prove her dad, a Philadelphia museum curator is innocent of the charges that the Feds, media and her employer have already convicted him of; she only hopes she succeeds before he drops dead from the accusations.

She needs money, but the reason she takes a position on the cruise ship Alexandra's Dream is she hopes to find information on the smuggling of antiquities. However, her minor progress must have made someone nervous, as she is abducted. Her only hope to survive her ordeal resides with one of her kidnapers Dante Colangelo, who has kept the Philadelphian alive so far. She begins to wonder if she suffers from the Stockholm syndrome as she starts to fall in love with Dante; he hides his reciprocal feelings out of fear she could die if his allies learn the truth. However, a betrayal may cost both their lives.

FULL EXPOSURE is an exhilarating Mediterranean Nights that refreshes the series by taking much of the action off the cruise ship. The story line is action-packed and filled with twists, but owned by the lead couple whose relationship changes during the tale. Diana Duncan provides an enjoyable romantic suspense thriller that fans of the mini series and those of the sub-genre will fully appreciate.

Harriet Klausner

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