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Colt-Georgina Gentry


Georgina Gentry

Zebra, Feb 7 2012, $6.99

ISBN: 9781420121674

When Hannah Brownley was fifteen, she ran away from her abusive stepfather. She met and married Luther who she thought would treat her kindly, but he proved abusive in a different way and her husband tried but failed to break her spirit. Three years later, Luther held the rifle watching for Comanche while Hannah and the children picked plums. When the Comanche arrive, her cowardly husband flees knocking over children. The raiding party leader punches Hannah in the face, something she expects from all males, before she and her son are taken captive. Once again Hannah believes these brutes may hurt her physically but will not break her spiritually.

In 1856, Second Lieutenant Colt Prescott and the Second Cavalry out of Camp Cooper rescue Hannah, but fail to free her son. Colt learns that her Indian name is Muakatu (Moonlight) and that she is the woman of vicious Puhu Retsi (Spider). The major’s easterner daughter Miss Olivia Murphy takes charge of Hannah. While Doc and Colt understand Hannah, Olivia thinks the savage needs her Christian help while also deciding Colt will make a perfect mate for her. When Hannah goes for her child Travis, Colt decides to help her.

The third Texans romance (see Rio and Diablo) is a superb pre Civil War tale starring a strong title character and a brave woman who refuses to let men break her as she knows as a Texas girl the only male who could is Travis. The support cast is somewhat stereotypical, but that enhances the time and place as well as the relationship between the lead Texas couple. Georgina Gentry provides an engaging historical.

Harriet Klausner

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