Thursday, December 22, 2011

Cassidy’s Cowboy-Karen Rose Smith

Cassidy’s Cowboy

Karen Rose Smith

Amazon Digital Services, 2011, $2.99


When Cassidy Sullivan was five years old, her only known relative her mom dies. She goes through the swinging doors of the foster care system until she finally stole a car when she was seventeen. An accident got her in trouble with the law, but Tina Christopher, owner of the Twin Pines Ranch in Long Brush, Wyoming, took her in. Now with Tina dead, twenty-six year old Cassidy owns the ranch and has met her twin sister Lucy (see Always Her Cowboy) who she never knew existed until recently.

Cassie agrees to allow Vermont resident Ben O'Donnell, the nephew of Ranch foreman Loren, to stay at the spread for a couple of months with his troubled nine year old daughter Julie who suffers from the abandonment of her mom eighteen months ago. Cassie and Julie hit if off over horses while the rancher and Ben are attracted to one another. However, as psychic Gillian Moore (see Nathan’s Vow) helps the twins search for their biological father, Cassie conceals the one secret that shames her from Ben while this father and daughter know women they love leave.

The sixth Search For Love drama (see Jake’s Bride, Always Devoted and Heartfire) is a superb contemporary due to the fully developed cast. Readers will know the fears that cripple each of the lead trio in forging caring relationships. Whether it is electronic or paper, no one does poignant family dramas better than Karen Rose Smith consistently does.

Harriet Klausner

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