Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Art of Healing Heartbeats-Jan-Philipp Sendker

The Art of Healing Heartbeats

Jan-Philipp Sendker

Other, Jan 31 2012, $14.95

ISBN: 9781590514634

Four years ago in New York, Julia Win’s Burmese-American father Tin informed her and her mom that he had a business trip in Boston. After he left, his Wall Street secretary Susan called to ask if he was ill. However, instead of Massachusetts, Tin apparently flew with stops in Los Angeles and Hong Kong to Bangkok where he vanished; although flight attendants on Thai Airways claimed to have seen him on flights to London, Paris and Phnom Penh respectively, but none of these clues led to him.

Four years later, Julia’s mom gives her a package that belonged to her dad. Inside is a love letter written in 1955 addressed to a Mi Mi from Julia’s dad. Needing the truth though she abhors confrontations, Julia decides to risk her career by flying to Burma in order to meet Mi Mi in a remote Burmese village, as she may have been the love of her dad’s life even after he resided in America for five decades. When she tells her mom where she is going, the older woman says her husband never truly gave himself to her in thirty five years of marriage.

This is an incredible romance in which true love never dies in spite of fifty years and thousands of miles apart. Once Julia arrives in Burma, she meets U Ba who tells her (and readers) the love story of her father and Mi Mi. Readers will relish this strong historical as Tin proves you can come home while the audience will not walk away with dry eyes.

Harriet Klausner

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