Monday, September 26, 2011

Tango's Edge-Carol Bellacera

Tango's Edge

Carol Bellacera

Beautiful Evening Books, Sep 2 2011, $12.95

ISBN: 9780615532011

In Park City, Utah, ice skating pairs prepare for their event at the Winter Olympics. The favorite team is the Russian duet Mikhail Kozlof who is considered the world’s best and his partner Elena Boiko who has political influence that she used to become his skating mate after hers died. In fact Mikhail is unhappy that his long time coach and his partner were removed from his team while forcing him to ice dance with snotty Elena.

American Kerry Niles and her lazy partner Adam Cutter are the best chance for the home country to win a medal. Kerry meets Mikhail’s friendly former partner Tanya Novokiva who with Sergei Isavenivic is good but not great. Tanya introduces Kerry to Mikhail who she was attracted to when she saw him at the World’s two years ago. Mikhail stuns Kerry when he asks her to help him deflect. If she helps him, Kerry knows this will cost her only chance at medalling.

Tango's Edge is a strong romantic suspense thriller starring two likable lead characters, a super support cast, and a powerful world stage ice dancing background. The story line contains more twists and spins than a dance routine as the course of freedom to love is not easy with both American and Russian interests involved in a Cold War revision. That segue seems real even if two decades has passed since the Iron Curtain collapsed as the audience will score Carol Belacera’s tale with a 10.

Harriet Klausner

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