Thursday, September 15, 2011

A Novel Seduction-Gwyn Cready

A Novel Seduction

Gwyn Cready

Pocket, Oct 25 2011, $7.99

ISBN 9781451612646

In Manhattan, Vanity Place magazine publisher Martin Black rages at critic Ellery Sharpe for her scathing incoming missile review of Bettina Moor’s memoir and the romance novels her Pierrot Enterprises publishes. Fuming Martin orders his prim and proper literary editor Ellory to write an ode to romance novels. She can handle the candy for the masses assignment except that Black orders her to work with photographer Axel Mackenzie; five years ago they heated Pittsburgh before their relationship ended.

Ellery must learn to praise romance not to bury romance if she wants to keep her position as her boss is secretly trysting with her potential successor; while Axel gets double his fee if he succeeds at her doing so. As he relies on his sister for guidance, Axel shows her first hand what romance is by copying the heroics of the lead male of the book Kitlander. Ellery begins to realize the novels she loathed contain strong intelligent themes as she concludes if you want to study relationships read a romance.

With the contemporary’s metafiction anchor, Gwyn Cready provides a wonderfully jocular Novel Seduction. The lead pair are fun to follow as he tries to be a romantic hero while she soon holds out for a hero. The amusing story line is fast-paced with plenty of loud laughter moments as beer, kilts and romance converge in New York, Pittsburgh, and Scotland.

Harriet Klausner

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