Thursday, September 15, 2011

Always Devoted-Karen Rose Smith

Always Devoted

Karen Rose Smith

Amazon Digital Services, Sep 1 2011, $1.99


Emma Henderson is a natural nurturer who has taken care of her mom until her mother died and her teenage sister Paige; she continued to do so even after she married and had a child of her own. Last year Emma’s husband died in a car accident; three months ago, twenty year old Paige vanished while driving to San Francisco. The police found her car but not Paige.

Media giant Linc Granger gets Emma air time to make a plea for information involving Paige. Afterward, Linc who likes the mother and four year old daughter introduces her to his friends Jake Donovan (see Jake’s Bride) and Gillian Bradley (see Nathan’s Vow) who find missing people as the latter has a special paranormal "gift". As Linc and Emma are attracted to one another, each struggles with their feelings as she feels guilt and he os drowning especially with the added pressure of Becky insisting he is her buddy.

The third Search for Love drama is somewhat different in tone than Karen Rose Smith’s insightful Silhouette tales but contains the author’s renowned deep look at people struggling with relationships. The mystery of what happened to Paige is cleverly handled while the touch of the paranormal enhances the exciting story line. However, it is the changing relationship between the cynic, the mom, and the child who affirm that Ms. Smith is one of the best contemporary family drama authors.

Harriet Klausner

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