Monday, May 3, 2010

To Surrender To A Rogue-Cara Elliott

To Surrender To A Rogue
Cara Elliott
Forever, Jun 2010,
ISBN: 9780446541312

A proud member of The Circle of Sins female scientific forum, classical archeologist expert Lady Alessandra della Giamatti arrives in Bath as part of an excavation team digging at a recently discovered Roman ruin. Also on the team as a sketch artist is military hero Lord James “Black Jack” Pierson. They have a history that turned ugly when he tied her eight years old daughter Isabella to a tree to prevent her from doing something dangerously stupid; only to have Isabella accuse him in foul language of impropriety.

However, when a blackmailer from her home in Italy threatens Isabella, Alessandra turns to James for help. Although he loathes her snobbish ways, he lusts for her body, so he agrees even though he has doubts she is being fully honest with him. She distrusts him too and both mistrusts themselves as their respective bodies want the other. Soon they realize that lust is turning into something more endearing and enduring, but their lives and that of her daughter and their country are in jeopardy from nasty killers.

The latest The Circle of Sins tale (see To Sin With a Stranger) is an exhilarating historical romance starring two seemingly opposites in temperament and outlook as each is a product of their recent past. Fast-paced from the opening tree incident and never slowing down, the adventures escalate until England is at risk as does the romance. Although the prime villain never seems quite up to the par of bringing down the Empire, sub-genre readers will enjoy Cara Elliott’s super nineteenth century romantic intrigue.

Harriet Klausner

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