Friday, May 21, 2010

Cherokee Storm-Janelle Taylor

Cherokee Storm
Janelle Taylor
Zebra, Jul 6 2010, $6.99
ISBN: 9781420110180

In 1756 in the Great Smoky Mountains, Shannon O’Shea cannot wait to see her dad Flynn. She is escorted by Nathan and Hannah Clark and their adult twin sons Damon and Drake, but is treated as a servant. A storm scares Betty the cow so Shannon follows her. Cherokee warrior Storm Dances escorts her to safety. After the storm the twins see Storm Dancer with Shannon so they fire at him. They assume he raped her.

Flynn arrives at the camp to take his daughter home. He warns the Clarks to not upset the Cherokee. On the trail Shannon dreams of making love with Storm Dancer. Flynn tells her he has a woman Oona who lives with him. He feels guilty that after her mom left him to return east she died leaving Shannon to work as an indentured servant at a tavern. Her father leaves her to find a horse for her to ride. She masturbates thinking of Storm Dancer who arrives and kisses her. He leaves her a pony and warns her Shawnee are in the area.

At the trading post, Shannon finds Oona is pregnant. Storm Dancer’s cousin Gall arrives and warns Shannon to keep away from his cousin while claiming the pony he gave her was stolen. She still wants Storm Dancer who leaves her a wooden bird as a courting gift. As Shannon and Storm Dancer fall in love, her father and his mother oppose their relationship. Soon the pair feel danger from both their races.

The cast is solid especially the star crossed lead couple while a late coincidence involving her Indian stepmother and the woman’s brother adds fun to the exciting storyline. Although the lead couple is on the run, they stop to make love, which seems insane. Still this is an enjoyable historical as even the tolerant are prejudicial when it comes to loved ones.

Harriet Klausner

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