Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Feather-Red Garnier

The Feather
Red Garnier
Heat, Jun 2010, $15.00
ISBN: 9780451230065

When attorney James Hamilton’s firm takes over the company corporate lawyer Meredith Sinclair works for, the two lawyers work together on the negotiations of a smooth transition. However, each is attracted to the other, but neither makes the first step as both understand the merger supersedes their desires. That said that does not stop either from fantasizing and having sexual encounters.

When James applies a magical feather on Meredith, she vanishes having been sent back to 1844 England where she is Margaret the courtesan in training. In Hyde Park, Margaret meets Gavin, who appears to be James. When she returns to her James, Meredith calls out some other man’s name leaving James jealous and upset.

This is a strange exciting heated romance in which the prime mystery of the story line is what the Feather is, as that is not explained beyond displaying one capability. James and Meredith are an interesting pairing as they seem so compatible and falling in love yet totally interpret the impact of the business merger quite differently. Readers will enjoy Red Garnier’s tale and want more feathery future fables, but also need insight into The feather itself as that gizmo is the key “support character”.

Harrier Klausner

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