Saturday, July 11, 2009

When Alex Was Bad-Jo Davis

When Alex Was Bad
Jo Davis
NAL, Aug 4 2009, $15.00
ISBN: 9780451227027

Fifteen years of marriage has led to Olivia and Alex Quinn drifting. Since she still loves her husband she offers him a deal to save their marriage. He is to have seven trysts; after each he must describe in vivid detail the sex; after his account, she will punish him with her choosing the method. Alex is shocked but fascinated so he agrees.

While Alex explodes in anticipation, Olivia meets Jason Strickland, the nephew of her neighbor Bill. She decides to have fun and games with him while her spouse performs with his women. After Alex performs with another attorney, he comes home to “mistress” Liv who punishes him into submission. Their relationship has changed to her being the boss. However, as she brings Jason into the punishment, some nasty people want a piece of Jason’s ass and not for sexual reasons.

This is a profound BDSM romance that is filled with numerous sexual encounters. The story line is at its best when Jo Davis digs deep into the psyche of the three prime players especially Liv’s control of the two hunks. A suspense subplot involving Jason seems out of place as this super orgasmic tale is at its best WHEN ALEX IS BAD.

Harriet Klausner

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