Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Texas Bodyguard's Proposal-Karen Rose Smith

The Texas Bodyguard's Proposal
Karen Rose Smith
Silhouette Special Edition, Aug 2009, $4.99
ISBN: 9780373654697

McCord Jewelers security consultant Rafe Balthazar does not want anything to do with the diva, but Blake McCord asked him as a favor to keep Gabriella McCord safe while she is in the States. Their first meeting at the McCord family mansion is quarrelsome as he dictates two rules and she counters with what he is to do and not do. Gabby insists she will not allow paparazzi, crazed fans, and others to lock her in a cage. She leaves for her aunt’s birthday party while he figures she will prove troublesome, but he protected POTUS so some gold spooned spoiled beauty should prove relatively easier.

Neither is prepared for their strong unwanted attraction. Gabby reels from the very public end of her last relationship so does not want a new one and in spite of what the tabloids say she does not do short term trysts. Rafe grieves the deaths of his wife and child and does not need the aggravation of publicity if he becomes her next boy toy. However, everything changes when her last lover Miko arrives wanting her back. He shakes up Rafe who cannot abide anyone but him with his beloved Gabby, but he must somehow persuade her they belong together permanently.

The second tale in the Foleys and the McCords continuity series (see Crystal Green’s THE TEXAS BILLIONAIRE'S BRIDE) is a wonderful contemporary romance starring two seemingly battling combatants falling in love. Both are fully developed characters enhanced by a strong support cast. Fans will enjoy this fine though straightforward tale of opposites attract as Texas dirt Rafe struggles to overcome his guilt re his late spouse and knowing he will be a paparazzi target as a gold-digger while European sophisticate Gabby fears the tabloids will have a field day with her beloved latest “sex toy”. Karen Rose Smith is a sure shot for providing readers with entertaining contemporaries.

Harriet Klausner

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