Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Comanche Moon Rising-Constance O'Banyon

Comanche Moon Rising
Constance O'Banyon
Leisure, Aug 2009, $7.99
ISBN: 0843962658

In 1846 Texas, the Blue Norther killed her father and left Shiloh Braden worried to death about her ranch failing and when it does what will happen to her and her younger brother who she is raising. Shiloh also finds the storm left a young female Indian with a fever stranded in her barn. Without a second thought, she takes the child inside to try to heal her; which she does.

Comanche war chief Shadowhawk comes for his younger sister Moon Song stranded by the storm. He knows he owes her for protecting his sibling. When a neighboring rancher proves perfidious and dangerous, Shadowhawk, paying off his debt of honor, abducts Shiloh and her brother over her protestations to keep them safe. As they fall in love, Shadowhawk knows he cannot keep Shiloh at his side as his wife so returns her to her ranch when he deems it safe.

This is a fun Americana tale due to the strong lead characters who know they have no future together although the well written storyline and the cast will remind sub-genre fans of Cassie Edward’s “Savage” romances. Filled with depth, readers will enjoy COMANCHE MOON RISING as a taboo love between the Indian war chief and the white rancher makes for an exciting “C. Edwardian” historical tale.

Harriet Klausner

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