Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Trouble in Mudbug-Jana DeLeon

Trouble in Mudbug
Jana DeLeon
Love Spell, Feb 2009, $6.99
ISBN: 9780505527844

In Mudbug, Louisiana, Maryse Robicheaux is not grieving the loss of her odious mother-in-law, Helena. The woman was nasty and haughty using her wealth as a weapon against the other townsfolk. Now if she can cut the last tie to that family by obtaining a divorce from r Helena’s son. However, just like Helena was in life, she can’t help being a manipulative nag in death. Her ghost demands her daughter-in-law finish some business for her so she can move on.

Maryse has enough on her plate without dealing with a cantankerous spirit who was a cantankerous person. She is about to make a medical breakthrough at work, but is slightly deterred by having a new office partner. Half Creole zoologist Luc LeJuene is quite a hunk, but his arrival has brought a stalker who wants Maryse dead.

The first Ghost-in-Law amateur sleuth romance is a jocular fun read sort of the Bayou version of Woody Allen’s Oedipus Wrecks from New York Stories as even death cannot assist the heroine from ridding herself of her mother-in-law. The TROUBLE IN MUDBUG is a lighthearted romp that is somewhat thin, but loaded with humor, intrigue and romance in which the audience and Maryse will believe in nagging disparaging ghosts.

Harriet Klausner

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