Sunday, January 4, 2009

Better on Top-Delilah Dawson

Better on Top
Delilah Dawson
St. Martin's, Jan 20 2009, $13.95
ISBN: 9780312369378

Single mom Toni Lyons struggles with raising her five years old autistic daughter Twyla. As a “solid” favor for her friend Eileen as well was making money, the auto mechanic reluctantly agrees to anonymously “test” her new matchmaking web site, Orchid Soul.

Her landlord in the converted duplex, Nick Benson has returned from a harrowing experience in the military. Prior to leaving home on the deployment, he was known as the Reverend for being the top player; now he has no interest in playing since a personal death in the war zone has left him grieving. He spends much of his time renovating his house. He is attracted to his renter and very patient with her offspring. Eileen convinces him as a solid to her to test her new erotic matchmaking site.

Due to his manipulations, Orchid Soul matches up the two neighbors as their sexual fantasies go together. However, she is hesitant as she was scorched once before when she trusted a man with her heart while he takes it slow knowing she and Twyla belong with him, but fearing she will discover his hacking chicanery and have one more reason to distrust men.

The second Orchid Soul romance (see UP ALL NIGHT; not read by me) is an engaging contemporary as the sexual fantasy program fails (with some human assistance) yet achieves the strategic goal of the website. The lead couple is a terrific pairing, but it is the relationship between Twyla and Nick that makes the story line fulfilling. Fans will enjoy Delilah Dawson’s delightful duet as testers falling in love.

Harriet Klausner

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