Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Bare Nerve-Katherine Garbera

Bare Nerve
Katherine Garbera
Kensington Brava, Feb 2009, $14.00
ISBN: 9780758232083

Three British females (Charity Keon, Anna Sterling and Justine O'Neill) form a powerful team at Liberty Investigations. Unlike her two partners who have found loving men in their lives (see BARE FACTS and BARE WITNESS, Anna does not trust males. For that matter she prefers destroying the enemy with keystrokes on her computer than meeting any people.

Her hacking skills uncover a major gun running operation. The Liberty threesome is paired with mercenaries headed by uncouth Jack Savage to end the deadly black market dealings; they begin the mission in Algiers. A daughter of an aristocrat and an ambassador Anna is shocked by her attraction to crude Savage, whose behavior lives up to his surname. Even more stunning Jack reciprocates even if he detests these marshmallow feelings.

As with the previous tales, the final Liberty Investigations romantic thriller comes right out with its homage to Charlie’s Angels. The story line is filled with suspense and action as the extended team battles terrorists as Carl Douglas sings “Everyone was kung fu fighting” while also taking time for boudoir interludes between the lady and the beast to the delight of romantic suspense fans.

Harriet Klausner

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