Friday, November 21, 2008

Mortal Temptations-Allyson James

Mortal Temptations
Allyson James
Berkley, Jan 2009, $15.00
ISBN: 97800425223697

In midtown Manhattan psychic Patricia Lake is stunned to find an unconscious hunk with a broken wing lying on the floor of her shop, Lake Antiques. The demigod Nico Stanopolous was cursed by the goddess Hera for his cavalier affront to women; he must spend eternity as a sex slave to females. Nico was in the store seeking an artifact the ostracon that he believed she had that will free him and his equally cursed friend were-leopard Andreas; he explains they own nearby trendy Andre’s. He explains Dyon attacked him though his enemy can maim him but is not allowed to kill him.

Patricia, Nico and Andreas travel across the world seeking a means to free the cursed pair. At every stop, the trio dives into bed for heated trysts. There band grows when a human archaeologist, an Egyptian god and a Greek deity join their adventures while Hera has sent a horde to prevent them from succeeding. None of the band understands that the only potential answer to free at least Nico was not going on tour, but could be found much easier if the mortal and the immortal stopped to listen to their hearts.

Using the Norse mythology concept of Gods interfering and intruding on human lives, but in a modern day context, Allyson James provides a wonder erotic romantic urban fantasy. From the moment they meet until the final climax (figuratively and literally), Nico, Patricia and Andreas will have fans believing in cursed demigods with wings, shift-shapers, and an irate Hera ready to punish those who defy her will; all that and various sexual interludes from female-male partnering to ménage a trois to mano a mano. This is the beginning of what looks like will be a strong saga. Sub-genre fans will relish MORTAL TEMPTATIONS because it is an entertaining hot contemporary quest thriller.

Harriet Klausner

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