Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Kiss of a Traitor- Kat Linder

Kiss of a Traitor
Kat Linder
Medallion, Jan 2009, $6.95
ISBN: 9781933836515

In South Carolina, zealous Tory Wilhelmina Bellingham opposes the War of Independence siding with the British against the colonists. Believing she must act and knows the swamps as well as any person or fox, Willa decides to capture General Francis Marion. She also wants her marriage to Lord Aidan Sinclair, whom she has never met annulled. Willa assumes the former will prove easier to achieve.

When Sinclair dies in battle, rebel Captain Brendan Ford takes on his late half brother’s identity so that he can spy on the British. This also means he must court his sibling’s widow, but finds her to be quite a handful in spite of her being tinier than a wren. As he seduces Willa to win her to his cause Brendan is stunned with the change in his feelings towards the true blood Tory. Whereas he could not wait to end the masquerade and escape her, he finds he is in love, but fears she reciprocates his feelings except hers is for a dead man.

This is a terrific Revolutionary War romance that emphasizes a large segment of the colonists opposed the revolt supporting England instead. Thus, the divisiveness of the war serves as a wonderful backdrop to a fully developed lead couple who brings real meaning to the phase beloved enemy as their objectives clash. Although there is a cul de sac sidebar that feels like excess padding that never fits inside the story line, KISS OF A TRAITOR is a fabulous look at American Revolution through the loving eyes of two adversaries.

Harriet Klausner

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