Saturday, November 29, 2008

Bedeviled-Maureen Child

Maureen Child
Signet, Jan 2009, $6.99
ISBN: 0451225767

Maggie Donovan goes over to her soon to be former fiancé’s office to return him is ABBA CDs and his classic Star Trek DVDs only to walk in on a nightmare. Something female from a horror flick is dining on poor nice Joe Erickson before turning to chow on Maggie. She grabs the bi*ch’s pendant and uses it against the carnivore, which enables her to survive the demonic assault, but inhales a strange powder that gives her astonishing powers.

Otherworld Fae warrior Culhane feels his hundreds of years waiting impatiently for the right woman which has finally occurred. He believes Maggie, who has Fae blood in her, is destined to fight and defeat the evil Queen Mab. However, in spite of her libido deserting her with her attraction to Culhane, she rejects the Fae until attacks on her human family begin. She knows she must confront Mab who has everything going for her in a one on one battle except for Maggie’s grit to keep her loved one safe from the malevolent witch.

Maggie owns this wonderful urban fantasy although some might argue she adapts to her off kilter new world disorder too easily. She is terrific as the chosen one (at least Culhane’s chosen one), which she believes only places a bulls-eye on her chest for Queen Mab to send her worms to attack her. Readers will enjoy the opening gamut as the Child universe is established in a way that the heroine feels so BEDEVILED she would empathize with Alice falling through the looking glass.

Harriet Klausner

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