Tuesday, December 18, 2007

A Passion so Pure-Julie Lessman

A Passion so Pure
Julie Lessman
Revell, Jan. 2008, $13.99
ISBN: 9780800732110

In 1916 Boston, godless Collin McGuire and deeply religious Charity O’Connor apparently are a love match to the chagrin of her sister Faith, who also is attracted to the wild Irishman. Faith knows she has no prayer of competing with her much prettier sibling so she hides her jealousy, envy, and desire behind the rationalization that their father specifically forbids this rogue from courting either of his daughters and besides the rowdy Collin does not believe in the Lord.

Collin initially finds Charity as the more attractive sister although he acknowledges Faith is pretty; he secretly dates Charity knowing her father would prevent them if he openly tried to see her. However as the Great War enflames Europe and America struggles to remain neutral, he begins to notice the inner beauty of Faith and soon gets distracted by Charity’s older sister as he knows he must make up his mind because either way their father will say no.

The first “Daughters of Boston” tale is an entertaining historical romance that brings to life Boston during WWI just prior to America’s entry into the Great War to end all wars. The story line is loaded with real events from 1916 such as Wilson breaking off diplomatic relationships with Germany that bring the era in Massachusetts alive, but also somewhat slows down the pace as if Julie Lessman could not decide between a pure historical or a romantic historical. Still the prime four characters are fully developed and their feelings seem genuine so that fans of early twentieth century romances with plenty of interwoven historical information will feel transported to New England as the United States slowly prepares to go over there.

Harriet Klausner

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