Thursday, December 27, 2007

Hard to Handle-Lori Foster

Hard to Handle
Lori Foster
Berkley, Feb 2008, $7.99
ISBN: 9780425219720

Like all fighters in the SBC, Harley Handleman dreams of being the extreme fighting champion. However, though his record makes him one of the top contenders, he has had bad luck when it comes to fighting for the title. His latest setback is a dislocated elbow (see SIMON SAYS) that leaves him in need of rehab instead of a championship bout.

When Harley needs time away like to train or heal, he leases a cabin from life coach Anastasia Bradley. Although they have known each other for several years neither thought much beyond politeness until now. They are no longer two ships passing in the night since Anastasia has taken time off to heal mentally from a nasty client. As they fall in love though both try to avoid that feeling, all bets are off when someone tries to kill her. Harley knows she is his life mate as her safety comes before his upcoming title shot.

The third SBC romance (see CAUSING HAVOC and SIMON SAYS) is an entertaining contemporary tale due the changing relationship between the two likable lead characters. Harley and Anastasia now have the time to realize their attraction for one another. One late scene involving the couple arguing seems unnecessary and unresolved, but no one will care except nitpicking reviewers; as fans of Lori Foster will wonder if Harley will win the only prize greater than the SBC belt, the woman he loves.

Harriet Klausner

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