Monday, December 17, 2007

Not Quite a Mom-Kirsten Sawyer

Not Quite a Mom
Kirsten Sawyer
Kensington, Feb 2008, $12.95
ISBN: 9780758216649

After seeing each other for over seven years the itch struck wealthy Beverly Hills resident Daniel McCafferty so he proposes to his euphoric thirty-two years old girlfriend Elizabeth Castle; the tabloid TV fact checker naturally accepts his proposal as her life goal is to marry Daniel. Once back in her roommate-less Los Angeles apartment Elizabeth immediately calls her best friend since her UCLA undergraduate days Courtney Cambridge with the news.

However, her call with Courtney is interrupted by Buck Platner, who took Lizzie to the prom and now is a lawyer from her hometown of Victory, California where 70% of the residents are rednecks and the rest hicks. Buck informs her that her best friend Charla Dearbourne Tatham and her husband died when the pickup they drove exploded. She has been left custody of their “pop-baby” fifteen years old Tiffany. Daniel dumps Elizabeth while Buck escorts Tiffany to her guardian. He has never forgotten his date with Lizzie, who he fell in love with and has hoped for a decade for a second date, but knows the teen must come first.

Though there is a serious undertone re Tiffany, NOT QUITE A MOM is an amusing contemporary romance with don’t call me Lizzie’s asides on life, men, sudden motherhood and best friends discerning yet entertaining. Buck is a great male lead as he fell in love as a football meathead teen and at second sight realizes he still is in love. Both try to do what is right for Tiffany who just lost her parents. As with NOT QUITE A BRIDE, Kirsten Sawyer provides an amusing chick lit tale.

Harriet Klausner

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