Monday, July 7, 2014

Cop By Her Side-Janice Kay Johnson

Cop By Her Side
Janice Kay Johnson
Harlequin SuperRomance, Jul 1 2014, $6.75
ISBN: 9780373608560

In Angel Butte, Oregon near hysterical Andrew Wilson tells the police that his wife Melissa and their daughter Brianna are missing.  Police Sergeant Clay Renner recognizes the names as Melissa is the sister of police Lieutenant Jane Vahalik who he loves and lost due to his sexist attitude.  As Andrew explains, he left his other child Alexis with a neighbor; Clay learns that Lissa was in a car accident in an isolated area that her sister or husband cannot explain why she was there instead of heading home from the Rite Aid. 

Clay briefs Jane with the news that that her comatose sister was rushed to ICU and her niece Bree remains missing.  As a search party looks for the missing girl, Jane tells Clay that her brother-in-law was unemployed for four months and widening his geographical search for a job over the objection of his wife.  With Lissa's phone missing and apparently broken, and no one saw her or the little girl at Rite Aid as reported by Drew, ABPD suspects the husband tried to kill his wife.

The latest Mysteries Of Angel Butte (see Bringing Maddie Home and Everywhere She Goes) is a fabulous twisting romantic police procedural that readers will appreciate as the lead cops know finding Bree takes precedent over their second chance at love.  Readers will relish this thriller in which the search for the missing little girl allows the frantic aunt to realize her beloved sexist has her back when he risks disciplinary action by allowing her to work the case with him in spite of her conflict of interest.

Harriet Klausner

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