Saturday, July 19, 2014

Bridegroom Bodyguard-Lisa Childs

Bridegroom Bodyguard
Lisa Childs
Harlequin Intrigue, Jul 15 2014, $5.50
ISBN: 9780373697786

In the hospital where he was best man at his twin Logan’s wedding (see Explosive Engagement), Payne Protection Agency bodyguard Parker Payne knows someone put out a hit on him.  He realizes he was fortunate to avoid the explosion that killed two family men PPA operatives in an SUV he was supposed to be in.  Logan talks to his in-laws the Kozminskis how to keep his new bride Stacy and his brother Logan safe.  Their younger brother Cooper (see Groom Under Fire) cuts short his honeymoon to protect Parker who tells his siblings to leave with their wives in order to keep them away from harm as he is the danger magnet.

Judge Brenda Foster ordered her law clerk Sharon Wells to stay off the grid and keep her nine month old son Ethan safe before she vanished.  Two weeks later, Sharon arrives at the hospital to introduce Ethan to his father Parker Payne.  Disbelieving Parker becomes concerned when Sharon’s car blows up in the parking lot, but DNA proves he is a dad and she informs him who the mom is.  He takes Sharon and his son to safety even marrying her to protect her; but that unknown assailant with connections and money seems always to be at least two steps ahead of them.

The latest Shotgun Weddings is a satisfying romantic suspense that hooks readers from the opening hospital scene (that will remind readers of Groucho’s cabin in A Night At The Opera) as the extended Payne family rally around the endangered trio.  Readers will receive plenty of delight from this action-packed tale with a neat twist as The Bridegroom Bodyguard risks his life to keep his beloved new family safe.

Harriet Klausner

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