Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Party Of Three-Lacey Alexander

Party Of Three

Lacey Alexander

Signet, Apr 3 2012, $14.00

ISBN: 9780451235749

Mira Adams feels she is losing her boyfriend Ethan West as he seems to have lost interest in her. Instead he focuses only on his work at H.O.T. His mother warns him he is blowing his relationship as she has observed that his work always comes before Mira who admires and respects what he does but would like to play first fiddle occasionally.

Heeding the axiom that mama knows best, Ethan knows he needs to do something special for Mira’s birthday that will prove to his beloved she always is first. He takes her to an exclusive cabin overlooking Lake Superior in the Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Waiting for Mira is her surprise gift. Ethan, knowing one of Mira’s fantasies, has arranged a ménage a trois with her former lover Rogan Wolfe of H.O.T. as the third participant.

The second H.O.T Cops erotic romance (see Bad Girl by Night) is an enjoyable triangle tryst as the Wolfe brings out the darker sides of the “Divine Miss M” and the “Big E” (clarification aside - Bette Midler and Elvin Hayes made no appearances). Although Ethan’s logic for setting up the erotic scenario seems warped especially since he also works with Rogan, fans will enjoy this tale while wondering who will be left together, if anyone, when the birthday bash is over.

Harriet Klausner

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