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Home-Karen Wiesner


Karen Wiesner

Karen Wiesner, Feb 2012, $13.50

ISBN: 9781105201189

Ayodele left her beloved hometown of Peaceful, Wisconsin years ago when her husband Declan relocated to Chicago as part of a business deal when he and his partner Hannah sold their ownership of a furniture design company. Dec demands Della obtain full time work since their eight year old son River will be out of school for the summer. Irate as she has sacrificed so much for her husband to include residing in a dangerous neighborhood and working part time at a diner, Della realizes Dec cheated with Hannah. She informs him she is going home with River.

Hannah calls to inform Della that Dec died in a car crash just after their warehouse went up in flames. His ailing parents driven by their nephew Cade Somers drive to Chicago for the funeral and take their daughter-in-law and grandson home. Hannah pleads with Della to share the insurance payout on the firm with her as she is pregnant with Dec’s child. Though un-Christian, Della says no. In Peaceful, River and Cade become buddies while he loves Della. However, burned once, Della suffers from a major relationship phobia.

Home is a wonderful inspirational romance in which Karen Wiesner displays her immense talent as she overcame a major pet peeve of mine; Dec’s death makes everything seem easier for the heroine, but instead Della is haunted by guilt and other debilitating emotions though she logically believes she was doing the right thing. With a late suspense adding tension, fans will enjoy returning to Peaceful (see Family Heirlooms and Friendly heirlooms sagas) as Della affirms you can go home if love embraces you.

Harriet Klausner

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