Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Waltz This Way-Dakota Cassidy

Waltz This Way

Dakota Cassidy

Berkley, Mar 6 2012, $15.00

ISBN: 9780425245507

With TV cameras filming, the sleaze reporter from Hollywood Scoop and other paparazzi invade ballroom dance instructor Melina Cherkasov’s studio to obtain the woman’s unfiltered reaction to photos of her famous choreographer husband Stan with Yelina from the show Dude, You Can Dance. Twelve year old Tito helps her escape from the vicious rat pack. Their prenuptial leaves Mel with the canine. Refusing to act like her douche husband, Mel retreats from Hollywood to her dad Joe's retirement community Leisure Village in New Jersey.

Six months later she begins to teach dance at the retirement center and from there at Westmeyer private school for boys. She also meets septuagenarian resident Myriam Hernandez’s nephew Drew McPhee. They are attracted to each other but when she has a chance to go Hollywood he says if she leaves they are finished.

Although the theme is identical to Burning Down the Spouse, readers will enjoy the latest amusing ex-wife contemporary romance (see You Dropped a Blonde on Me). The story line is breezy from the moment the paparazzi like a horde of locust assault the beleaguered heroine who tells one of them to change her peroxide. Although Mel’s character is identical to that of Frankie from Burning Down the Spouse, fans will appreciate her “Gotta dance” (from Broadway Rhythm Ballet) with a crappy dancer.

Harriet Klausner

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