Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Moonlit Desire-Carolann Camillo

Moonlit Desire

Carolann Camillo

Camel Press, Mar 16 2012, $14.95

ISBN: 9781603818728

In 1759 Catherine Bradshaw leaves London to marry wealthy Jeremy Flint in the colony of New York in an arranged marriage. As soon as she steps off the ship, he weds her immediately. His behavior frightens her as they travel by coach to his Tarrytown estate. However, French Army Captain Rive St. Clair and his associate stop the coach. Rive abducts Catherine after informing Flint who he is and where he can collect his wife.

Sixteen years ago, Flint made his first killing when he stole pelts after arranging for a massacre at an Indian village. Rive has waited for the right moment to lure back this sleaze to that village as he knows the coward will follow as he cannot accept such an affront to his reputation. Flint behaves just as Rive expected, but Catherine is nothing like he anticipated. As they fall in love, the honorable and loyal Rive escorts her to Quebec City as the British army begins to take the last major North American French stronghold; she will soon know what it means to risk one’s life for someone you cherish.

This is an exciting late Colonial Romance starring an intrepid hero and a woman with plenty of mettle as she adjusts to a life far different than what she had in London or expected with Jeremy. Fast-paced from the moment of the kidnapping and never slowing down, sub-genre fans will appreciate this engaging tale though Flint proves an unworthy opponent with more than half the historical storyline left after his cowardly failed attempt at retrieval.

Harriet Klausner

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